An award-winning new craft brewery less than a mile from, and inspired by, the world-famous gardens at Kew. We brew our great tasting beers sustainably, using only English malt and hops - in 'craft' quantities, of course - to keep our food miles down, with a few 'botanical' twists. All our beers are unfined - beer, naturally!


Our beers

As you\’d expect from the name, there\’s a little bit of juniper in our deliciously sessionable amber ale. The biscuity, caramel malt body is complemented by a weighty First Gold dry-hop, and that subtle citrus tang of juniper.
Pagoda Pale
A series of pale ales celebrating different English hops each time. Brewed using broadly the same full-bodied pale malt base each time, with small tweaks at the brewer’s whim, our Pagoda Pale series aims to show what English hops can really do!
Our uber-pale golden ale. Crisp, hoppy and refreshing, with a lingering bitterness. It has a big fruit and spice aroma from the Target and Bramling Cross dry-hop.
Kew Green (& Black)
Big flavours from our award-winning (Champion Beer of Ealing Beer Festival) low ABV stout containing real organic chocolate and milk sugar (lactose). The combination of four malts, oats, and wheat with a ‘dry hop’ of cacao nibs adds further layers of luxuriantly rich bitter-sweet chocolate to this complex, flavourful stout
Richmond Rye
Spicy and refreshing, our pale rye beer is gently bittered to let the peppery rye shine through, and then given a big dose of English Admiral, Archer and Boadicea hops for aroma.
Petersham Porter
Our luxuriant South-West London porter is made with five different malts, giving flavours of toffee, chocolate, coffee, plums, liquorice and a touch of smokiness. It’s gently dry-hopped, to add a fresh, floral note to the earthy malt.
Nightshade is the even darker side of our rich, complex porter. Infused with English chilli to bring out more malty goodness, with just a hint of heat. Chillis are, of course, part of the Nightshade family…. Nightshade is a seasonal brew, only ever available in small quantities

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