An award-winning micro-brewery less than a mile from, and inspired by, the world-famous gardens at Kew. 'Saving the planet one pint at a time', we donate 5p for every pint sold to the wonderful World Land Trust, saving rainforest and threatened habitat globally. We keep our food miles low by brewing our great tasting beers with only English-grown malt and hops. English hop rehab is our game, with a few 'botanical' twists along the way. All our beers are unfined (and nearly all are vegan-friendly) - beer, naturally!


Our beers

Core Beers - we try to have these in stock most of the time


As you would expect from the name, there is a little bit of juniper in our deliciously sessionable amber ale. The biscuity, caramel malt body is complemented by a weighty UK Cascade dry-hop, and that subtle citrus tang of juniper.

Pagoda Pale

A numbered series of pale ales celebrating different English hops each time. Brewed using broadly the same full-bodied pale malt base each time, with small tweaks at the brewer’s whim, our Pagoda Pale series aims to show what English hops can really do!

Join The Kew

Originally brewed to celebrate our first anniversary in May 2016, our punchy, all-English IPA has now joined our core range of beers. Brewed with a veritable ‘top-shelf’ of new English hops – UK Cascade, UK Chinook, Endeavour, Minstrel and Olicana – this is a seriously fruity English IPA.

Richmond Rye

Spicy and refreshing, our pale rye beer is gently bittered to let the peppery rye shine through, and then given a big dose of English Admiral, Archer and Boadicea hops for aroma.

Seasonal/occasional beers

What follows is information about a number of our seasonal, occasional and one-off brews, to illustrate the range of beers we produce….

Kew Green (& Black)

Big flavours from our award-winning (Champion Beer of Ealing Beer Festival 2015) low ABV stout containing real organic chocolate and milk sugar (lactose). The combination of four malts, oats, and wheat with a ‘dry hop’ of cacao nibs adds further layers of luxuriantly rich bitter-sweet chocolate to this complex, flavourful stout

Petersham Porter

Our luxuriant South-West London porter is made with five different malts, giving flavours of toffee, chocolate, coffee, plums, liquorice and a touch of smokiness. It’s gently dry-hopped, to add a fresh, floral note to the earthy malt.


Nightshade is the even darker side of our rich, complex porter. It is infused with English chillies and organic cacao nibs to bring out new chilli-chocolate flavours from the malt, with just a hint of heat. Chillies are, of course, part of the Nightshade family….

Sandycombe Gold

Our uber-pale seasonal golden ale. Crisp, hoppy and refreshing, with a lingering bitterness. It has a big fruit and spice aroma from the Target and Bramling Cross dry-hop.

Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing

Our Farmhouse IPA, fermented with two different yeast strains, (a saison yeast, tempered by the addition of a more neutral US yeast strain). This gives some funky, fruity esters whilst allowing the punchy new English hops (Fusion, UK Bullion, UK Chinook, Archer and Olicana) to shine.

Falling Leaves

Our autumn seasonal hoppy red ale has a little nuttiness from the malt, and then plenty of fruit and berry flavours and aromas from the Endeavour, Fusion, Bramling Cross, UK Chinook and Epic hops.

Midnight Kew

Brewed to celebrate our 100th brew, we decided to call this a ‘celebration stout’. Packed with rich, dark malts, oats, and some treacle and local Kew honey, this dark boozy delight is full of liquorice, treacle toffee and chocolate flavours.


Our ‘winter warmer’ comes with no seasonal gimmicks, just the wonderful flavours that come from the sweet, dark malts, the rich, smooth oats and the spicy crystal rye. A satisfying beer to keep you warm in the coldest months of the year.

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